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Welcome to Google Hangouts Book Club. In beta? Yup. Everything is in beta because everything is shifting with technology and sharing ideas across the Internet. Even books are changing, how we buy them, how we read them, and how we interact and share them with others. There are still physical books but when you get into the digital form there is no end to what a “book” can contain. Even if you can have other types of media within a digital book, they are there to support the ideas bound within. The book can be read, ideas thought about briefly and then passed on for the next and that could be the end of it. Or not.

Ideas are meant to be shared, discussed, played with to form other ideas. A book isn’t just about reading, it is about experiencing the authors thoughts, what they researched, what sparked the idea. The author comes at the book from a certain perspective but what questions come up when reading? Do you write in the margins of the book? Do you copy down quotes and expand upon those ideas? Do you argue with the author? Those are all parts of the experience of a book and so are discussions.

Don’t just read a book, grok it.¬†As the site progresses look for tools and ideas that help make a book more of an ongoing experience rather than just for something to read.

Books on Creativity, Reviews, and Discussions

Regular reviews of books on creativity, reviews, podcasts, videos, and discussions. The book reviews are here while the Google Hangout discussions happen at regular scheduled times on Google+. If you are wondering when the next one is, check out our book review and discussion schedule.

The books and site are centered mostly around books and ideas that help transform or learn. Ongoing education and the ability to hack what and how we learn are themes throughout.

If you have any suggestions for the reviews, send a message. Otherwise enjoy the site and hope to see you in the discussions!

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